Good shepherds

As would any Nazi testify, the most zealous guards of the order were the Polish and the Ukrainians looking looking after Nazi (and their own pleasures) in the concentration camps and occupied territories. Since than nothing has changed, so to maintain order in western union you need to introduce more immigrants. Recently Merkel pushed unelected polishman (Tusk) to lead the EU, even when democratically elected Polish government objected. This precedent further eroded legitimacy of EU – you could take a man from the street and put him in charge of EU. 

This followed by the Netherlands conducting referendum on Ukraine association with EU and rejecting in by majority of the Dutch people. Only for the parliament to betray democratic process and approve the association. 

The governments in Western Europe continue tradition of misleading their people and twisting rules, obstructing democratic will of the people. Western Europe is becoming Nigeria and Somali.