Western Europe airlines

Sometime between autumn 2016 and winter 2017 British Airways stopped serving food, drinks in board of the flights (Aberdeen, Amsterdam, etc) for free.

You have to pay for checked in luggage – one way. How likely do you travel one way with your bag? The cost now – £50 for round trip if paid online in advance, £130 if paid at the airport.

The distance between the seats (leg room) is 29” inches, less than Ryanair or “same as EasyJet” in BBC words.

I look at it as hidden inflation, as the ticket prices did not come down £50+ during that time, allowing BA customers to make an informed decision.

What is really puzzling is that there is no water or tea/coffee served when in the air included in the ticket price. Dehydration is among the risks while flying on the planes.

Like mama said about the boys making advances: “close your ears and focus on what they doing, not telling you”.