Leadership and priorities

Recently there was an allegation of corruption in energy sector related to award of an offshore field containing 9 billion barrels of oil, in exchange off $ 1.3 billion USD. If you think – current oil price is $50 USD a barrel, development and operating cost around $40 USD/bbl. you will still make $10 times 9 billion equals 90 billion. 

Energy business is simple, as you do not need to market raw oil or gas to buyers. 

Dutch authorities wiretapped CEO and somebody leaked recorded telephone conversation between CEO and CFO. It provides number of unique insights into life in the clouds. Here is some observations:

#1 CEO is saying that he is moving away from nanny with kids voices in the background.  It is a working day and Dutch police just raided his office. He is at home to see his kids going to bed.  Average employee aiming to go high does not have that luxtury, however if you are in the clouds – you are home.

#2 Dutch police just raided offices for three hours the offices. One would imagine that these would require a damage control of some kind. However CFO is on leave and CEO is at home, just keep calm and carry on.

#3 From conversation it clear that departed production director left paper copy of the files and these were seized by the police. Big companies enforcing paryrophobia – intolerance of papers or books on employees desks, making a virtue out of management phobia by “keeping a clean desk”.  However if you are in the cloud this is not applicable. Even after your departure the papers are left behind. 

Conclusions: Do as you are told, not as I do. In another words : the poor die, the rich lay.     They are probably still wondering why the recording leaked or there is no loyalty to hierarchy in millennials.