The Girl in the spider’s web

While going through an airport I often to pick a book to read. This time it was “The Girl in the spider’s web” published in 2015 by David Lagercrantz. Here is a short book review. The Girl in the spider’s web – “trade war between east and west” while Swedish sold out to Chinese the only technology worth selling they had had – “Volvo” car manufacturing. Modern day Sweden (emerged as a shameless profiteer from Second World War neutrality selling supplies to Germans) full of weapons like a rust bucket, crawling with criminals.
All mid evil western european gruesome stories were projected on a Russian orphan, with exception of most popular activity in Europe – molesting boys the reason for blooming homosexuality).
The book is typical reckless propaganda where Sweden is painted as center of artificial intelligence development, while its neighbor – Russia as a black hacker. Later in the novel everything is stood in its places – Silicon Valley (leading US company engaged in espionage, bribery to get the technology after unable to recruit the professor, having backing from American intelligence) and other true organized criminal corporations of the west but without mentioning their nationalities, no hack actually occurred – Swedish students actually stole the intellectual property from the professor. Narrator is non-English speaker bringing listener closer to Sweden but makes it quite difficult to listen.
Clichés “force” when talking about corrupt law enforcement, Traditionally people desperate to escape Sweden as soon as they are on a verge of significant discovery of idea in a protest of unfairness the social system, number of freeloaders and difficult business environment. NSA is called an intelligence organization not mafia or black hacking one.
While all this propaganda is full swing, it worth noting that Sweden introduced two laws: in June 2008 allowing the authorities to spy on cross-border e-mail and telephone traffic. The country’s intelligence bureau will be able to scan international calls, faxes and e-mails. “By introducing these new measures, the Swedish government is following the examples set by governments ranging from China and Saudi Arabia to the US government’s highly criticised eavesdropping programme.”
Under the law, Sweden’s intelligence bureau will no longer need a court order to begin surveillance, unlike the police. This coincided with Fisa Amendment Act in the U.S.
In 2013 Sweden collaborated with the USA on the internet monitoring FRA law and that the country is on the same level of surveillance as Israel. “Sweden controls cables through the Baltic sea while Israel has access to them in the eastern Mediterranean,” he said.
The book is perverting the true, while Sweden is a mere servant exploiting image of a neutral country, it developed in the second world war collaborating with German and Italian fascists.