My Apple devices are not gay anymore.

They lost the “wow” factor almost a decade ago, but they were comfortable. Since Steve jobs passed away from pancreatic tumor back in 2011 my Apple devices are not gay anymore. They are more Microsoft like.
This was recently confirmed that it does deliberately slow down the operation iPhones, and says it is doing so to avoid the devices from shutting down because of aging batteries. Of course, this is done to “…to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices”.
Such statements is not far behind, from Starbucks executive announced that the new Starbucks Roasteries were “delivering an immersive, ultra-premium, coffee-forward experience”.
My solution for this: do not update wearable and portable electronics manufactured by Apple (in spite of annoying offers) and look for the alternative. Its not point of buying $1,000 phone, which will be slow in 18 months time. There is plenty of cheaper alternatives.
Admittedly, while the whole world is upset with Apple making money (the Corporation has almost $300 billion in cash) people across the pond in the western europe were doing very similar things long time ago. Example are banning high-energy hair dryers, smartphones, vacuum cleaners (less 900 watts), kettles (less 900 watts). This is to reduce electricity consumption by 30 per cent by 2030 and thus avoiding investment in infrastructure, making life of ordinary people even more miserable that it is already.