Western righteousness in corporations

When I first started working in a western company, I was surprised with the people’s reaction that when one of the western privileged hit a pedestrian while driving. In the office they put a carton box to collect the money to bribe the judge.

The same company asked me to carry so much cash when I was travelling on business that I couldn’t pass a metal detector at the airport.

Later when I joined a Fortune 500 company the hiring process was like joining a political party. I indoctrinated only to learn that the company was doing what it though is right.

For example, they would have internal target to hire homosexuals in the countries where its not allowed by local law – Brunei, Middle East.  The person in that position gets job as a minority, only to keep himself quiet at a very senior level. Its funny how Sultan of Brunei or Sheikh of Qatar would react to know who they were secretly set up?

The same company would organise alcohol fuelled parties while eating pork in the Middle East and claim it as business expenses. When there is a whistleblower reports it – nothing happens.

For those people the only law is in their home country, outside as a colonial rule.