Why is the root cause of migrants crisis?

The real reason for opening the borders to Africa in Western Europe is rarely discussed in the mass media.   It is very simple – big business and the governments need them.

2019 was expected to be the first year on record in which German workers aged over 60 would outnumber those younger than 30. The average age of Germany’s population is already 46 years, a dramatic rise from just 40 in 2000 and 34 in 1970. A recent study calculated that in 2020, three workers will support every person aged over 65, but by 2035 the ratio will be one-to-one.

1.5 million migrants that entered the country, changed it a bit but not for long. Life is not sustainable in Western Europe – it always needs people. The fertility rate in Germany per woman is 1.5 – people are “so happy” that they refuse to have kids.

An additional contributing factor is a number of people not in work.  The official statistic from the UK dated 2019: one in 10 people aged 16 to 64 have never been paid for work. This is around 3.6 million adults.  Out of 3.6 million people – almost 2 million full-time students. The rest do not work. So 4.4% of work age population permanently do not work.