World tales. Kuwait – Iraq war

Travelling the world, I started collecting the stories.  Whether these are true or not I am not sure but what is it?  I think I have more trust to individual blogs.

During one of my recent ramblings I visit Kuwait and here is a story I heard there.  In a way it is pre-sequel to Iraq invasion to Kuwait.

In old days when Kuwait was a British colony it was a small city surrounded by wall, where British soldiers were stationed.  In the evening everybody was returning inside to the safety of the walls.  One day a dead British soldier was found outside of the Kuwait City walls.

British investigated the cause and when they approached the Sheikh of Kuwait were told that Kuwait legitimacy and responsibility is only for what is inside the walls. Outside is not Kuwait.

The British turned to Iraq for “justice”. Iraq paid retribution for the dead soldier and obtained paper to support the case resolution.  This was supporting evidence that it is part of the Iraq.

As part of the invasion back in 1990 this was presented as right of way to demonstrat that everything outside of the walls is Iraq and not Kuwait.