London Tube (Underground)

London tube (subway, underground) it’s like typical British house – its cold and draughty in winter, hot and sweaty in the summer, above all painfully noisy.  While it is considered among the worst underground services in terms of punctuality, cost it also plainly ugly, which have not been renovated or looked after for decades. London tube while being a mass transit, certainly not a public transportation. In 2019 a day travel card allowing to travel to all stations (Zone 1-9) cost £23.50 ($28 a day), with weekly at £91.50 ($110 a week). As you could tell the cost is calculated such that for working people there is almost no difference between daily or weekly travel card, with incentives to strip of your money by the business over the weekend.

The minimum salary in London is £7.70 an hour or £15,400 a year, annual tube ticket cost £3,660 or 24% of the salary.

Fun fact: having a reasonable position and a job with a large FTSE 100 company does not guarantee a good salary allowing you to live in a safe neighborhood.  The companies recognised that their minions could be leaving in “no go” areas of London (which are plenty) and instead of pay rise offering martial arts trainings at work.  How very British.