Roque petro state who elected Justin Bieber as their prime minister

Most of the Canadians are proud that they were born at a gas station, while killing the environment.

Typical oil extraction either tar sands, in-situ or fracking, consumes a lot of water. While Canada has only 1% of population but it has 9% of fresh water.  Extracting shale oil from a well pad could involve as much as 70,000 m3 of freshwater for one well used for fracking (Olympic swimming pool contains 2,500m3). The well will produce 12,000m3 of oil a year for few years.

Additionally, this likely to cause man made seismic activity (similar to what ruined thousands of houses in the Netherlands).  However, Canadians are proud of being “a nation of resources”.

The main difference between regimes in Venezuela and Canada , is that latter gave up on independence being a loyal  fifty second state, spending all their income on the goods from USA, including weapons of mass destruction.

Generations down the road the white Nigerians will regret destroying the environment in a such barbarian way.