Roasted Coffee Beans in Kuwait

Roasted Coffee Beans in Kuwait

Where to buy quality roasted coffee beans in Kuwait?  Kuwait is a very prosperous country. You can tell if even by watching a video on “YouTube”, when you are inside the country. Each and every video is preceded by two adverts! This is further reflected in prices.

Coffee growers are facing unprecedented financial pressure, as too much coffee have grown. In Ethiopia farmer receives 8 birr or just 29 cents per kilogram of coffee beans. If you buy a cup of coffee in West for $3-4 a cup, the coffee farmer receives just under once cent.

Cup of coffee in Kuwait costs 1-2 KD ($3-6 USD). If you buy roasted coffee beans typical asking price is 3-7 KD ($6-14 USD) per 250g, or 12-28 KD ($18-84) per kilogram! This is roughly 60-300 times more expensive that when brought from the farmers directly.

There is absolutely no reason to overpay so much. Coffee is easily transported and stored.

After trial and error, I am buying my roasted coffee beans from “Al Ameed Coffee”. They have online order and a quick delivery. Wide variety of selection available and 5-7 KD ($10-14 USD) per kilogram.  This roughly half price everybody else is charging.

This is free advertisement, as I am truly enjoy their quality and service –

What is your favorite roasted coffee beans shop in Kuwait?