Cost of owning Nissan Patrol over the years and Nissan CEO’s response

From this article you will have first hand information on how much does Nissan Patrol ownership cost in the Middle east.  Information is incomplete, as when I approached Nissan, they refused to release the figures.  I only have it for 5 years

Table 1.  Nissan Patrol Y62 maintenance and running cost in the Middle East

Nissan Patrol Y62 maintenance and running cost in the Middle East

We can assume that that the first 3 years of maintenance were covered by Nissan for free. Cost of the new car is 60,000 USD (it actually costs more but the luxuries have no impact on maintenance).   Additional assumption is that until 2018 the car had original tires and cost of petrol was 3,300 USD.

As the result owning Nissan Patrol will cost you 29,000 USD for the first 9 years. Out of those 29K USD I spent 22K USD last five years. I probably could stretch the 29K expense to six year, as I just complete the super major service. The cheapest new car with such engine cost 60,000 USD. I have spent 13,000 USD. Its still probably cheaper to own the car than trading-in the car just before 5-year warranty expires and buying new one but not by much.

The 13K USD represents over 22% of the new car cost just after 8.5 years.  This is much more than any other comparable brands for the very low mileage, on reasonable quality roads with no off-roading.   All together you are looking at 10,000 USD a year (including the initial cost) or 1 USD per kilometer in the country where premium petrol costs 0.330 USD/l (1.25 USD/gal). Otherwise add another 1,400 USD per year at 4 USD/gal.

It seems to me that uncontrolled expenses (i.e., Nissan service) are on the high side. After analyzing all expenses, I realized that Nissan frequently included optional services without informing me that those are not recommended by Nissan.

For example:

  • A/C campaign service in the past 4 years I had been asked to do it six times and yet air conditioner still failed and had to be fully replaced (3,000 USD). 
  • Injector cleaning twice with less than 1,500 km in between at 120 USD each.
  • Brake flushing twice with 6,000 km in between at 70 USD each.

Second issue is that local Nissan is failing to provide genuine Nissan spare parts.  Take a car battery which cost 150 USD each. They sell non-genuine Nissan batteries which have warranty of one year.  In the past four years I had to replace them three times, as they fail almost exactly after 12 months.   What Nissan is offering is India made battery EMTRAC (part number 115D31R 90AH). Genuine Nissan batteries are never available. Or they sell spare parts at huge cost.  Bonnet (hood) genuine Nissan protector quoted at 1,700 USD which is a molded piece of plastic.

Thirdly, is the quality of service.  Take the battery replacement. My battery was replaced three times, yet the battery holder completely corroded.  The reason is that when local Nissan replaces battery, they don’t clean holder from sand and water – leaving everything as is, letting to severe corrosion. This is at premium labor costs, by Nissan trained personnel.

On the other hand, by driver seat is now not stable and moves a back and forth (rocking) at the smoothest stop.  When it was brought to the local Nissan attention (they never took notice of it themselves), they told me that nothing can be done but to replace the entire seat at cost of 8,000 USD.

Such attitude towards Nissan owners is a huge turn off – car is unreliable and very expensive to run.  This leads that local Nissan Patrol sales are falling far behind other brands (for example Toyota Land Cruiser and American brands). The falling sales are mainly due to the after service poor support and arrogant attitude from Nissan services, improper response with no actions from the regional center.

 I wrote a full description of the above, provided full car details and sent the registered letters to Nissan Customer Office in Japan and their CEO Mr. Makoto Uchida. The mail room confirmed that both letters were received and seized to response about answers or incoming numbers. The post service website also confirms that the both letters where received.

There has been no response of any kind. Here is reflection of the Japanese big company culture and Mr. Makoto Uchida’s.

Fan Fact:  What does the name “Nissan” mean? The Nissan Motor Company became the official name of the Tokyo-based Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on June 1, 1934. A year later after its founding in December 1933, History reveals that the company changed its name to Nihon Sangyo.  When Nihon Sangyo was founded in 1928, the Tokyo Stock Exchange gave it the nickname Nissan for the first letters of each word (Ni-San)